10 Things You Shouldn’t Do To Please Your Woman

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do To Please Your Woman

Ten (10) major things you should not do to please a woman you are already married to or wish to marry one day.


There are certain things or measures to be considered in a relationship. Sometimes, it is unfair to be too mean in relationship in regards to how your lady behaves. But in the situation where it is necessary, you must act and act wisely as a man.


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Below are 10 things you shouldn’t do to please your woman. Things you should never find yourself doing to please a woman.


1. Fight Men Over Her

Women always attract men. If you see men coming after your woman, never try to open a fight with such men, proving your love for her. If the woman loves you, she will not pay attention, especially to men that will never stop disturbing. Any woman who expects you to fist at other men, who show interest in her is putting you in a problem. Because, there is no woman who cannot handle issues of men proposing to her despite her engagement with another man. Therefore, do not fight other men over your lady.


2. Disrespect/Ignore Your Family

One thing men do mostly is that, they disrespect their own parents, and especially other relatives because of the love they seem to have for their women. As a matter of love (generally), men should never disrespect their families to please a woman. Remember, that once you cut your relatives away, your downfall may be caused by your woman since you don’t have a relative to advise you. So therefore, do not do this to please her.


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3. Take Her Educational Costs

At several event, men commit suicide after being brokenhearted by women they spent a lot on during their school time. It is good to be kind but do not pay fees for her. If you are married to her, she is part of your expenses, thus only if she needs that assistance urgently, you can. However, if you are in a fresh relationship, never should you pay school fees for her, because she may disappoint you.


3. To Influence Your Christian Life

For a man, you need to have a stable Christian life. If you have laid your foundation on the way of God, do not allow a woman to change your way. If you have a woman, who is capable and enthusiastic about living a Christian life, it is a plus for you. But, if she is not the type of a woman, do not allow her to negatively influence to your life.


5. Indulge In A Crime For Her

Everyone in one way or another has a bad side. Whatever crime one commits, he/she is judged accordingly. Therefore, involving yourself in a crime for a woman will only endanger your life. It is better to solve a problem for her than to commit a crime for a woman.


6. Forget Your Dreams And Goals

Basically, you may have rejoiced over perceiving your future. As you journey to actualize yourself in life, you may have set goals to achieve. Disregarding your dreams and goals to please a woman and satisfy her likes is a very big mistake to do. Never in your life choose a woman over your dreams, because she may leave you if she do not reason with you or if you fail in life.


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7. Sacrifice Your Needs For Hers

Once you have plans, never change them unnecessarily. What you need should first be acquired before anything else. Do not sacrifice what you need for a woman’s desire. If her needs are part of your list, so be it, other than that, never please her with ignoring your needs for hers.


8. Accommodate Her Families/Friends

One mistake men do is accepting relatives and friends of their women into their homes. Sometimes, these people turn around against your relationship, such that they come with bad hearts. Because men want to please their ladies, they do anything for them. Most relationships are destroyed by friends, so do not accommodate your woman’s relatives and friends to please her.


9. Cover Her Up

A man with integrity should be seen as one. Do not cover up your woman’s crimes to please her. If you know about the crimes she has committed, never say she did not do them. Rebuke her; never cover her up to please her because such act is bad and punishable and will only condemn you.


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10. Over Budget For Her Needs

Know your income and plan your expenditure for a particular period of time. If her needs are part of your budget for a week or a month, go according to that. Do not budget more than your income, which may make savings from. Do not budget to exceed your income to buy things for your woman with the aim of pleasing her.


Those are the 10 things you shouldn’t do to please your woman in any way. When you give attention to these measures and implement them in your life, there would be a better life for you. Please follow us on Facebook Here for more updates.



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