Benefits Of Attending Colleges Of Education Over University

Benefits Of Attending Colleges Of Education Over University

There are currently 46 public Colleges of Education in Ghana and admitting students annually. These Colleges of Education are responsible for raising teachers through a systematic, pedagogical and professional training. Aside provision of professional teachers, there are some benefits of attending Colleges of Education.

Colleges Of Education Admission Requirements

Colleges of Education come with a lot of benefits as compared to other tertiary universities in the country. Attending teacher training institution, one’s level of competency is well cultured and guided. Colleges of Education are undergoing a transition from being closely managed by the Ghana Education Service to being autonomous tertiary institutions. Several challenges have emerged during this process, particularly connected with the relationship between Colleges of Education and the bodies that control aspects of their governance. This means the current Educational Reform, which start few years ago climax its objectives in either early or late 2025, where all these public College of Education become autonomous and managed by individual College Council.

Even as the status of the Colleges change to Autonomous, it is believed benefits enjoyed by its students over other tertiary institutions’ students will be maintained and may even have more added. This is because many students after completing SHS, they prefer going to the universities to teacher training College of Education and this is due to the low level of interest given to the teaching profession.

Colleges Of Education & Their Affiliated Universities In Ghana

In every field of study, there are challenges that confront students. However, choosing College of Education over other universities of education, it’s one of the best choices one can make in life.

Few benefits of attending College of Education are discussed here for interested persons to consider before applying to further their studies to tertiary institution.



Previously, after completing Teacher Training College, students graduate with a diploma certificate, which requires a top up in order to gain 1st Degree. But recent educational reform is making it possible for student teachers to receive first Degree certification since the 46 public Colleges of Education are now doing a four (4) year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) programme. This means that the diploma certificate, which was in the system for long has been scrapped and no more a valid certifying document in Colleges of Education. When you pursue any course in all the Colleges of Education across Ghana, you would be awarded First Degree. The process is made simple.

Just A Call; Stay At Home & Contact The Following Numbers To Apply For Colleges Of Education  


Fee payment has been a major reason why most wards after completing Senior High School (SHS) remain at home due to the thought that tertiary fees are too much for them. Yes, it is! But in College of Education, fees are moderate and affordable, compared to that of autonomous Universities, such as KNUST, UCC, UG etc. Admission fees for Colleges of Education are much better than other tertiary schools. For instance if Colleges take GH₵2,000.00 as admission fee including school fees for level 100, other universities take like GH₵2,500.00 to GH₵3,000.00 and even more. (these figures are just for making examples). School fees paid annually are also moderate and affordable compared to other universities’.



Unlike universities where there are only partial or scarcity of accommodation, Colleges of Education provide permanent and flexible accommodation in Halls of Residence, where student teachers are offered beds with covered mattresses till they complete their programme. It is one student, one bed with mattress policy in Colleges of Education (list of items determines; it varies from Colleges to Colleges).



Students in Colleges of Education enjoy monthly allowance while they are in school. This means that every month while students are on their campuses or at home and undertaking academic works, student teachers get GH₵400.00 each. Out of this, GH₵4.00 goes to the students’ group, Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) as monthly dues. The Colleges of Education also receive GH₵196.00 as feeding component to cater for the student teachers. The rest, which is GH₵200.00 goes directly into the e-zwich accounts of the students. Even though there are issues revolving paying teacher trainees allowance, there is the believe that it can never be stopped. This is because the students deserve it, since they go on regular field trips to assist the in-service/on-field teachers.

Teacher Trainees’ Four Months (2020/2021) Allowance Arrears Duly Paid By Government


Once student teachers complete college and after serving the nation for a year, they get automatic employment from the government. This is because, services of teachers are always needed since education is a priority for the country’s development. Even though immediately graduate teachers do national service, fresh personnel get paid monthly allowances. This also part of benefits of colleges of education.



Apart from the above benefits, other better opportunities, such as knowledge gain, both for home and outside home, ways to improve quality of one’s life and also prepare one for future livings.

Though Colleges offer Education, one can pursue his dream programme, getting his first Degree and later further to divert to any field of his choice. So the above are some benefits of colleges of education. The programme combinations offered by some Colleges of Education are as follows:

B.Ed Physical Education/Social Studies

B.Ed Home Economics

B.Ed Agriculture/Mathematics

B.Ed Agriculture/ICT

B.Ed Visual Arts/ICT

B.Ed Technical/ICT

B.Ed Technical/Mathematics

B.Ed Science/ICT

B.Ed ICT/Technical

B.Ed Mathematics/Technical

B.Ed Science/Mathematics

B.Ed Mathematics/Science

B.Ed Mathematics/ICT

B.Ed ICT/Mathematics







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