Best Ways To Cater For Special Needs Children In Schools

Best Ways To Cater For Special Needs Children In Schools


All fingers are not equal hence in the situation of special needs education children. Despite they are all on the same hand, their heights differ from one another. We use this statement most often to justify the facts of individual differences among all humans. In spite of all these differences, humans should portray some characteristics at a level in order to be identified as normal.

Anyone that possesses or portrays any trait below the known level due to any difficulty is seen to be special and needs attention. In all these, we can say that, people with special needs are those who face difficulty in showing some human traits to the expected level and therefore need assistance. Thus, special needs education.


Special Needs Education

Special needs education is well organized institutionalized system of education given to people with disability and exceptionality. It involves specially trained personnel to handle children with special needs. Children who are born with a particular disability could not attend normal school. Due to this, they are taken to well organized institution where appropriate infrastructure and assistive devices are available for their education. Special needs education cannot be undermined in any way if want a better life for children with disabilities.

Special needs children

Taking A Glance

Some children in schools may be special for which special care and attention must be given, for them to be able to learn. Some of these needs can be auditory, sight, learning, behavioral and speech disabilities among others.

In most schools, one may find less than five of such students who face difficulty in different ways. As they are recognized to be special, they therefore need special attention and treatment. Every country has such people, thus Ghana is not an exception.

However, the questions we always ask are, should they be taken out of the classroom? What should they do about their situation? The truth is every individual has the right to education. That is why every special child must enjoy special needs education the beat ways for the children to feel healthy and experience better life.



Thankfully, the introduction of special education is brought into existence to intervene for both the teachers and the special students. Few special schools have been established and purposed to give such students attention and treatment required for them to be beneficiaries of the intended equal quality education they deserve. As such, Ghana has schools for the blind, deaf and dumb and also the physically impaired. Some of such institutions combine more than one disabilities and attends to them. Few personnel have the training and skill to work in those institutions to help special children in the schools. However, the number of special schools available including the personnel and the special children in the country shows that, the intervention is not enough.


When one pays a visit to the regular schools in the country, some of the special children can be found. So long as these special children are in those regular classrooms, there is a lot of work the regular teachers should do. Unfortunately, the regular classroom teacher has no training of appropriate skills to handle and cater for these children. This makes things difficult for both the teacher and the special child as they both do not achieve their objectives in the classroom. Hence, special needs education has just little attention for the children with exceptionalities.

Now, what should we do?

Special needs children

Training For Regular Teachers To Cater Special Needs Problems


The regular classroom teachers need training on how to help special needs children in their classrooms. Train them to be able to identify various difficulties and disabilities that may sprout up in their students. With this, they can adjust their teaching methods and strategies for the benefit of the special students with they being the center of every lesson.

Most Ghanaian teachers do not have these skills and therefore face difficulty or overshadow these students and focus on others. So long as we cannot prevent special children from entering the regular classroom, the regular teacher must also prepare to handle them with care.
The teacher training institutions should infuse special needs training into the training program for professional teachers to help such children in school.



Equip Schools With Special Needs Education Facilities, Materials And Assistive Devices

For special children to feel accepted among normal students, regular schools should make provision and procure special facilities to support the education of special children. With these facilities, we can raise the special children alongside the normal ones. Special treatment and teaching with the requisite materials will help educate them.

There should be provision of books and other materials of different levels. Since there will be a variety of proficiency levels in the inclusive classroom, different levels of textbooks and other teaching materials should be available for every subject. Making provisions for these materials will ensure students are learning the appropriate things. This can remediate frustration and reinforce confidence and encourage the special needs children.

Special needs children

Focus On The Students’ Outcome, Not The Inputs

Teachers should focus on the outcome of students’ learning rather than what they input. Students learning and understanding is one key factorial reason why parents send them to the classroom for teachers to teach them. Therefore, in a situation where students with exceptionality have teachers, focus should be on what the students grasp, but not the inputs.


Form Small Groups In Classroom

Forming small groups of two or three students within the class can help fast-track the progress of special needs children. This if done, will foster blend effect, where normal and exceptional children will be same groups for lessons. Then again, putting them according to their level can help personalization of the teaching while not mismanaging instructional time. For example, in math class, one group can be working on the basics while a more advanced group can also be working on their geometry skills.


There Should Be Availability Of Effective General Education

Effective general education instruction is key. Higher performance of general education students correlates to higher performance of students with disabilities. Students with special needs and students who struggle spend most of their time in the general education classroom. Therefore, core instruction provided by the classroom teacher must meet most of their needs. In some communities, a culture has emerged where special education staff take the lead in serving students with disabilities.


Visually Impaired Student

Provision For Paraprofessionals And Special Personnel

Focus paraprofessional support on health, safety, and behavior needs, rather than academic needs. In other to manage special problems effectively, there should be resource persons who are special enough to handle issues on health, safety and behaviour. Hence, whatever the classroom teacher cannot handle, referrals to more professional can help curb.

In addition, if there are mild cases of exceptionality, which might be beyond the regular classroom teacher, they can send the students to special schools. There are numerous well special needs schools across the world, that can accommodate special needs children.

Below are some special education schools in Ghana, where you can enroll your ward for special management:


REYO School of Autism And Special Needs


1. Dzorwulu Special School, Accra.

2. New Horizon Special School, Accra.

3. Epicenter Special School, Gbawe, Accra.

4. Woodfield Manor Autism and Special Needs School, Adenta Municipality.

5. Air-Force Special School, Accra.

6. REYO Paddock School, Madina.

7. Multikids Inclusive Academy (Secondary, Accra.

8. Garden City Special School, Kumasi.

9. Autism Awareness Care and Training Center, Accra.

10. Three Kings Special School, Battor.

To get in touch with these special schools, get to Google to find their email addresses and telephone numbers.


Quotes To Encourage Students And Teachers

“Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying “I will try again tomorrow!”- Mary Anne Radmacher.

“It shouldn’t matter how slowly a child learns. What matters is that we encourage them to never stop trying.”- Robert John Meehan.

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them.”- Magic Johnson.

Managing Special Needs Children Is Difficult But They Are Also Humans We Have To Cater For.

Raising children with special needs, to bring the child to a world of happiness and believe in things that society often puts to the sidelines, can be more difficult.

It is a challenge for a special needs parent to help the children create their own world, to make life joyful for them, as special needs create special demands. But then again we don’t give up on ourselves, as bitter trials can often turn out to blessings.

The strength that drives special needs parents to make life fair for their children is love. To make life joyful amidst harsh circumstances, to give them happiness and believe in the spirit of hope and healing is miraculous. It is hard, these are things that others cannot comprehend. But then again, life goes on.

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