Breaking: Military & Police Storm Dambai College Of Education With Akatsico “Abilolo” Due To Some Unexpected At COESA [Watch Video]

Breaking: Military & Police Storm Dambai College Of Education With Akatsico “Abilolo” Due To Some Unexpected At COESA [Watch Video]

Dambai College of Education (DACE) has unfortunately mishandled 2022 Volta/Oti Colleges of Education Sports (COESA) festivities as the host due to some unforseen interruptions; the Jama squad of Akatsico was escorted by the police to the field.

The sports festival which, begun from the 27th June, 2022 in Dambai saw most participants recording favourable positions for their colleges.

Akatsi College of Education (Akatsico), one of the participating schools and the defending champion presented active sports men and women who didn’t let her down. The sports team presented for all recognized disciplines managed to record more Golds, Silver and Bronze positions and medals for the 3H (Head Heart Hand) institutions.

The football team for Akatsico was on top of its game, and managed to defeat Government College of Education, Peki, Jasican College of Education and St. Francis College of Education by 5, 2, and 1 nil respectively. The massive win for the football team of the defending champion, Akatsico has sent it to the final, where the men were supposed to face the host team, DACE.

However, things did not go as expected due to unalarmed situation, which got Ghana police from the District Capital of the Oti Region, Dambai discharged to the school’s premises to calm the situation.

According information available to MyAfro Ghana, Conference of Principals of Colleges of Education (PRINCOF) at a meeting, agreed the final football match between DACE (host) and Akatsico (defending champion) be played in the morning at 8:30am on Saturday, 2nd July, 2022, to avoid intrusion and disturbances of youths from the town.

Unfortunately, the Akatsico team with its supporting squad (abilolo) reach the field but did not meet opposing team, DACE on the pitch.

After minutes of wait, the officiating referees agreed to allow a little more minutes for DACE to report to the pitch to face its counterpart, Akatsico. The referees then whistled for the match to begin in the absence of the team when the men failed to report within their stipulated minutes. That is Akatsico was ready to play to score empty goal post since DACE has failed to appear.

However, youths from the town have managed to storm the park with sticks in disagreement that, the match could not be played in the absence of DACE and that it should be played as the last game for entire the competition since that was final; they started removing nets from the goal posts.

Quickly, more troop of police were called to the school to bring down the tension, and later military arrived to support the police.

Even though the referees gave the victory to Akatsico, the match was later played after the issue was settled that, the final had to be played from 4pm on 2nd June, 2022.

At the end of the final football match, DACE defeated Akatsico by 2 goals to nil. This made Dambai College of Education the winning school for football men at the 2022 COESA games.

Meanwhile, have fun with the video below; what scared the masses present at the COESA 2022 held in Dambai College of Education;



SOURCE: MyAfro Ghana

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