The Biggest Marketplaces In Ghana

The Biggest Marketplaces In Ghana

Ghana as a country is occupied by a population of about 30 million people. As big as it is, it has many streets and marketplaces where citizens and foreigners buy and sell goods and services for their average daily consumption.

The marketplaces in Ghana are often patronized on only market days which are fixed accordingly to favour both the traders and the customers who need to sort themselves out as well as their families and loved ones. Let’s look at some marketplaces in Ghana and their location.

Biggest Marketplaces in Ghana
Marketplaces in Ghana

Kantamanto Market

This market is one of the biggest markets located in Accra in the capital city of Ghana. In this market, they trade all kinds of goods and services. Traders from the country go to this market to buy goods from wholesale to retail. There are partitions of the market where traders trade special items. For example, vegetable sellers, electronic gadgets sellers, dressmakers, and sellers, etc. have their areas the sell their stuff.

Makola Market

This is also another market located in Accra – the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. In this market, foodstuffs, other logistics are sold. Patronage of goods and services is done by both citizens and foreigners who only come on tour in Ghana.

Kejetia Market

Kejetia market is the biggest marketplace in the Kumasi metropolis, Ashanti Region. This market has been well built to accommodate thousands of individuals who sell or buy stuff.

As one of the biggest markets in Ghana, it sells several products, be it exported or locally made products such as leader bags and shoes, furniture, electronics, etc. You can tour the Kejetia market to feed your eyes with a beautiful atmosphere.

Kotokoraba Market

This is another biggest marketplace in Ghana, located in Cape Coast- Central Region. This market also sells various items for consumers to purchase. Just like other big markets, it is well structured and partitioned for traders to occupy.

Kintampo Market

Kintampo is also blessed to have a market, where numerous goods are exhibited for sale. Products from foodstuffs to gadgets, mechanical parts, etc.

Tamale Market

Tamale Central Market is also another extremely big marketplace located in Tamale-Northern Region, Ghana. As the biggest market of the Region, the Central market sells food items in bulk, where traders from other regions import to retail.

The most interesting things about these markets are that the items they sell are beautiful, fresh and strong, and quality. The costs of their foodstuffs are cheap. They also have their presence on social media to ease marketing and customer relation.

Even though their presence on Facebook and likes may be championed by just one individual, it is good it created. Let’s tour all markets in Ghana to make our proofs.




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