CONGRESS: TTAG Releases Dates And Modalities For 2021/2022 Elections

CONGRESS: TTAG Releases Dates And Modalities For 2021/2022 Elections

Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) National Secretariat has releases dates and modalities for 2021/2022 elections.


Information reaching indicates that TTAG national secretariat has released date for its annual Congress and constitutional modalities for elections. The release contains the signatures of the Secretary of the EC, Avokbilla Enoch, and the President, Dimbie Abdul Manan, TTAG. It also bears the signatory of the association’s Electoral Commissioner, Joshua Owusu Yeboah.


The notice introduces, that every teacher trainee who is in any recognized college of education shall be a member. It states that such student can take leadership position in the association if he/she wishes, however, through election.


Speaking with Secretary of the EC, he confirmed to that there would be a Congress, scheduled to happen in January, 2022. He added that the Congress will first start from Sector levels of the association (TTAG) before national.


Mr. Avokbilla Enoch emphasized that the National Congress is starting from 4th to 7th of January, 2022. The venue for the Congress is Gbewa College of Education, Pussiga. He added, that constitutionally, Sectors are to hold Sector Congresses before National Congress. Therefore, Sectors will start holding their Congress from 2nd to 4th of January, 2022 within the Sectors.


All College of Education Students should join the TELEGRAM PLATFORM OF STUDENTS AND PRINCOF.


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