Do You Know How Much It Costs To Display Ads At Burj Khalifa? [Check Here]

Do You Know How Much It Costs To Display Ads At Burj Khalifa? [Check Here]

Did you ask yourself how much it can cost one to have ads or information displayed at the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa?


The cost of displaying advertisements on the tallest tower has been disclosed by the marketing agency, which manages the lighting display at the Burj Khalifa.


According to the agency, one has to incur the cost for advertising or posting an information on the highest tower in the world.


The source has revealed, that placing promotional adverts on the Burj Khalifa for at least, one time – for three (3) minutes, the ad owner has to pay AED 250,000 ($68,064), which is equal to GH₵478,816 for a single post.


According to the lighting management, the prices vary depending on time of display. Advertisements displayed weekdays from 8pm to 10pm costs AED 250,000 (GH₵478,816) for just three (3) minutes.


Whereas ads displayed during weekends may cost as much as AED 350,000 (GH₵670,343) from 8pm to 10pm for three (3) minutes.


The information has also revealed that, midnight display of ads at weekends can cost AED 500,000 (GH₵957,633).


Meanwhile, AED 1,000,000 can be the cost for an ad placed three (3) minutes after 7pm, where such ad can be displayed five (5) times.


Oops! AED 1,000,000 is GH₵1,915,266. Now, how much did Ghana pay to have its colours displayed during its Independence Day, on the world’s tallest tower called Burj Khalifa? This has been the big question.


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