E-Levy: Economic Fighters League Seeks Redemption From Supreme Court [Read Full Release Here]

E-Levy: Economic Fighters League Seeks Redemption From Supreme Court [Read Full Release Here]

The Economic Fighters League (EFL) has headed to the Supreme Court to fight the passed Electronic Transactions Levy Bill (E-Levy)

Parliament on March 29, 2022, passed the controversial E-Levy regardless of the agitations of majority of Ghanaians. The passage of the Bill seems to have been generating further talks in the country as government is not realizing the suffering of the vulnerable Ghanaian populace.

Many individuals and organizations have registered their displeasures over the “by force” passage of the much disliked taxation measure (E-Levy).

Showing citizenship, Economic Fighters League has resorted to going to the apex Court of Ghana to find relief.

Please read the full PRESS RELEASE by the EFL, dated 30/03/2022 below.


After months of a shameful political charade, the parliament of Ghana has proved to Ghanaians that its members do not stand with the People of Ghana. The Economic Fighters League commiserates with all Ghanaians and assures our brothers and sisters that their voices are heard.

Ghanaians have been explicit in our rejection of the E-levy since it was first introduced in the 2022 budget reading. Since then we have watched the people who are supposed to represent us dance around the issue, trivializing the state of Ghanaian livelihood as they made E-levy cakes, and jumped in and out of chambers while discussing reducing a levy that the People have consistently said NO to.

It should not have to be stated that Ghanaians are already facing extreme hardship, with the skyrocketing prices of basic commodities, in large part due to the recent changes to tax structures such as VAT, and the astronomical rising price of fuel. To pass the E-levy in this climate is simply wickedness, a wickedness that the Ghanaian People will not forget.

There were many viable alternatives. This Parliament could have abolished ex gratia; it could have cut its frivolous expenditure; it could have reduced Article 71 office-holder’s pay; it could have cut tax concessions for foreign companies; it could have insisted on reclaiming Ghanaian ownership of Ghanaian resources. This Parliament could have committed itself to ending corruption. But this Parliament instead chose to burden the already suffering Ghanaian People.

In ignoring the voices of the People, Parliament has confirmed what we all know – that this rotten system which is held in place by the corrupt NPP-NDC duopoly must be crushed in order to save the People of Mother Ghana.

The People MUST govern, something that can only happen under a new, people-centred Constitution.

A People’s Constitution must guarantee a long-term National Development Plan binding on all governments; must assure Proportional Representation in governance; must underpin a People’s Parliament that is able to hold the Executive accountable; must put the People first!


The Economic Fighters League has for years declared no confidence in the partisan crop of legislators who occupy Parliament under the false fourth republic. The display of deliberate incompetence by the NDC in the passage of E-Levy only serves to further justify Fighters’ call for a competent alternative beyond the partisan NPP-NDC corporations and their 30 year track record of refusal to represent the People in whom Ghana’s sovereignty resides.

Organization is Power, in the streets and in Parliament; as such Fighters is organizing to plant competent persons in Parliament, whose duty will be to protect the People’s interest.

ARISE, all Ghanaians – we must unite to reclaim power and break the rotten duopoly. Our very lives and livelihoods depend on it.

Towards the reclamation.

#NewConstitutionNOW #TheAlternativeIsComing

Revolutionary Regards,

Fighter John Koomson

National Spokesperson

Economic Fighters League

Fighter Nii Ayi Opare

National Spokesperson

Economic Fighters League


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