Final Academic Calendar For 2022

Final Academic Calendar For 2022

The final academic calendar for 2022 for Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High Schools across the country.


The 2020/2021 academic year has come to an end. Due to a reform in the education system of Ghana, several policies have been instated to curb challenges of schooling. There have been numerous proposals, where stakeholders have considers certain changes in the academic calendar.


On this final calendar, Kindergarten (KG) and Primary schools are going to run a trimester system. Thus the pupils and teachers handling them will go to school for three terms in the academic year. The academic year the KG and Primary starts from 25th January, 2022 and ends on 11th December, 2022. The First Term will start from 25th January to 17th April whiles Second Term begins from 4th May to 7th August. Term Three will start from 6th September and ends on 11th December, 2022. This includes public holidays.


Junior High School (JHS) on the other hand, would be run on semester basis. This means the JHS will have only two term segments, including mid semester and public holidays. The year starts from 18th January, 2022 to 11th December, 2022. Thus the first semester begins from 18th January to  12th June. While second semester for the JHS starts from 6th July to 11th December. Junior High School three (Basic 9) will write Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in November per the new calendar.


The following are the final dates on this calendar for the 2021/2022 academic year.



KG and Primary will have a different system from JHS.


Trimester System

Term 1

a. Sch. days: Jan 25-April 16
b. 62 working days
c. 5 public holidays
d. 14weeks
e. Vacation:Apr 17-May 3


Term 2

a. Sch. days: May 4-Aug. 6
b. 66 working days
c. 3 public holidays
d. 14weeks
e. Vacation: Aug 7-Sept 5


Term 3

a. Sch. days: Sept. 6-Dec. 10
b. 68 working days
c. 2 public holidays
d. 14weeks
e. Vacation: Dec. 11- Jan…



Semester system

1st Semester

a. Sch. days: Jan 18-Jun 11
b. 100 working days
c. 7 public holidays
d. 25 weeks
e. Mid Semester: March 15-19
f. Vacation: Jun 12-Jul 5


2nd Semester

a. Sch. days: Jul 6 -Dec. 10
b. ✓110 working days( for JHS 1&2 )
✓ 81days for JHS 3( BECE will be in Nov.)
c. 4 public holidays
d. 23 weeks (for JHS 1&2)
e. Mid Semester: Sept. 6-11
f. Vacation: Dec 11- Jan…

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