GES Responds To Issues Raised By NAGRAT On Payroll

GES Responds To Issues Raised By NAGRAT On Payroll

The Management of Ghana Education Service (GES) has responded to issues raised by National Association of Graduate Teachers.


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According to the management of GES, it is responding to the issue raised by the teacher Union on the 17th of February, 2022, during a press conference held by the association. GES response are as follows:


1. Wanton Deletion Of Names Of Teachers From The Payroll.

As part of salary administration of the Public Service, salaries are validated every month before they are paid. The system involves validators confirming names of staff and amounts due them.


GES explained that “inherent in this system, is the option to query any name or amount that has been indicated on the payroll to be paid for that particular month.”


“In instances where strange names have appeared on the payroll and generally where there is a stated reason why a staff should not be paid for that particular month but such a staff is programmed to be paid, the Validator should indicate that the person should not be paid or should be paid but not with the amount indicated”, GES elaborated.


GES revealed that recently its management has received complaint from the Teacher Unions, including NAGRAT that some of the Validators were abusing the system. That they are stopping salaries of some staff on personal differences, instead of the official reasons.


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The Ghana Education Service stated that “the consensus at the discussion was that its management should issue guidelines on how stoppage of salaries of staff should be handled as a way of dealing with the abuses.”


GES confirmed that “the guidelines have been issued and copied the Teacher Unions. The crux of the guidelines is that where there is a justifiable official reason why a particular salary should be stopped.”





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