Ghanaian Most Beautiful & Influential Women (+Photos)

Ghanaian Most Beautiful & Influential Women (+Photos)

Ghana is blessed with beautiful and hardworking women who in one way or the other, are influential on a lot of people’s life.

While some women have chosen to work in the media as a career, others are highly interested in running self businesses, managing companies for founders and laying foundation for young Ghanaians to pursue their dream career path.

In this piece, MyAfro Ghana has certainly pinned some beautiful Ghanaian women, who have on several occasions influenced positively, the lives of youths of the country. Some young men and women, who had the opportunity to fall on these personalities, are making it in life, as well as independent is concerned. Now take a glance at the following beautiful personalities.


Bintu is a TikTok sensation, who has been creating contents for entertainment purposes. Hajia Bintu is one of the finest women of all qualities, making wave in the entertainment industry. She is also an advertiser, who takes an advertising jobs from companies to promote their services and products. Her appearance on social media has brought joy to her followers as most of her contents drive away boredom.

Influential Women
Hajia Bintu


Efia Odo is a loud and intelligent woman. Her advocacy for development for mother Ghana has been on the headlines for years. She is a ‘no nonsense’ woman. That is, she doesn’t support bad doings and she used to be one of the advocates for “FixTheCountry”. Efia Odo used to work as a media personality but her activeness in the media domain is inconsistent as she is more into modelling and acting.

Influential women
Efia Odo


Serwaa Amihere is a media personality working with GhOneTV with other vibrant women. Serwaa is an intelligent and well to do woman, who is also blessed with angelic beauty. Serwaa Amihere’s appearance on shows apparently describes the kind of person she would be at home. This is because she looks calm and humble. She is also touching lives through several ways.

Influential women
Serwaa Amihere


Formerly known as Mona Real, Hajia4Real is a sound business woman, making her living through hard work and determination. She is one of the most influential and beautiful women of substance Ghana has been blessed with. Hajia 4 Real along the line, has identified herself capable of singing, that’s doing music. She has since been able to record mind blowing singles, which her lovers enjoy always.

Influential women


“The Nana Aba” is a beautiful woman, with a lot of chances in her life. Findings on her indicate she excelled even though she was handicapped with a child while at younger age, making her a single parent. She was able to pull through to becoming a very successful woman. Nana Aba has with her success, touched lives of individuals to also achieve their dreams. As a manager for GhOneTV, she has been one of the brains behind the channel’s ‘Next TV Star”, a show to groom young and talented young men and women into the media.

Influential women
Nana Aba Anamoah


Officially known as Berlinda Addardey, Berla Mundi is not just beautiful, but also intelligent, culturally ushered, socially trained and one of most influential women in Ghana. Berla has been a top notch presenter for Media General’s TV3 for years. She founded B.You By Berla Mundi, a project to usher talents and effort for women empowerment. Berla Mundi’s lifestyle is a colourful influence on young women in Ghana, with some pursuing her career path.

Influential women
Berla Mundi


Anita Akuffo is also a media personality, working with Media General (MG). As beautiful as Anita is, she is more focused on entertainment and tourism. She is vibrant when it comes to handling shows such as Date Rush on TV3. Anita is one of the best well behaved characters as well as broadcasting, promotion etc. are concerned.

Influential women
Anita Akua Akuffo


Samira Bawumia is the wife of Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. She is as beautiful as an Angel and intellectually sound. She has a high degree of influence both for development of young women and for pulling masses for her husband’s political ambitions.

Influential women
Samira Bawumia


Deloris is also known as Delay in the media and showbiz industries. She is self-respectful and hard working woman, who do not care about people’s assumptions about her. Delay is also a business woman, producing several domestic products such as Delay Mackerel, etc. for public consumption. As the host of The Delay Show, Deloris Frimpong is strategically good in handling her show, attracting the interests of her fans and viewers.

Influential women

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