MERRY CHRISTMAS: I Empathize With Our Compatriots – Regional Chairman

MERRY CHRISTMAS: I Empathize With Our Compatriots – Regional Chairman

The Volta Regional Chairman for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has sent warm greetings to compatriots in the region. He wishes the public a Merry Christmas and he also empathize with compatriots in the Volta Region.


Hon. Henry Ametefee, who is the current Regional Chairman for the NDC Volta expresses his sadness through the release to the public. He stated that even as he sends best regards, he is not a happy person. However, is because he knows the mood of people in Ghana, are in state of frustration and regression.


“I bring you warm felicitation of the Christmas and the New Year. I do this not as a happy person because I know the mood of people in the region. And in Ghana at large is one of frustration and regret.” He informed.


He adds, that the mismanagement of the country by the government is causing the frustration and regret.


“Frustration and regret which are products of the hardships precipitated by the mismanagement of the country by the Nana Addo/Bawumia led government.”


“The current situation in the region is one of extreme hardship occasioned by astronomical increases in the prices of goods and services.” He revealed.


He states that the mismanagement of the country has compelled prices of all goods and services to increase on market.


“The mismanagement of the country by Nana Addo has compelled prices of almost all goods and services to increase on the market.”


“The prices of fuel, maize, gari, frytol, tomatoes, pepper, cassava, fish, sachet water etc have all increased astronomically. Thereby making it pretty difficult for many families to get a decent meal per day.” He specified.


“I know the Christmas is going to be one of the most miserable for majority of people in Volta Region and Ghana.” He added.

He further states that the agric sector has not been left out of the hardship.


“Our farmers were hit with acute shortages of fertilizers and poultry farmers are struggling to get feed for their birds even though the government keeps touting their policy of the planting for food and jobs.”


“I have observed that despite this unimaginable level of hardship, the Nana Addo/Bawumia led insensitive government is hell bent on introducing the E-levy that will further aggravate the already burdensome economic hardship of Ghanaians.” He revealed.


He begs the people of Volta Region to remain resolute in the face of these hardships.

“It is my humble plea to the people of the region to remain resolute in the face of these hardships in the hope that the NDC which is sensitive to the plight of the masses will change the country for the betterment of all Ghanaians in 2025.”


“I take this opportunity to once again empathize with our compatriots in Keta, Anloga and Ketu South who were hit with tidal waves.”


“The NDC through the Volta Caucus led by Hon. Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah and the MPs of the affected areas fought so hard to bend the hand of the government to allocate some resources in the 2022 budget for a sea defence wall feasibility studies.” He added.


“I have not lost sight of the unbearable hardship that the closure of the borders with Togo has brought to the people of the Volta Region. It is my hope the decision by ECOWAS to open the borders is carried to ameliorate the suffering of our people.”


“I want to let you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel because the NDC will restore hope through the Minority MPs in Parliament to hold the Nana Addo Bawumia government to the fire of accountability. Fight wastage and profligacy of Nana Addo who has developed an inordinate taste for luxurious private jets whiles Ghanaians are suffering.” He encouraged.


He states words of prayer that the Lord gives them strength to overcome the hardship and wishes all Merry Christmas.

“I pray that the good Lord gives us strength to overcome the hardship and insensitivity of the Nana Addo/Bawumia government.”


“Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you all.”

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