Nogokpo Shrine Descends On Afia Schwarzenegger With A Strong Warning (Read Full Statement)

Nogokpo Shrine Descends On Afia Schwarzenegger With A Strong Warning (Read Full Statement)

The priest of one of the powerful shrines in Ghana situated in a community in the Volta Region, Nogokpo has issued strong warning to media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger over circulation of photographs.

According to the priest, Afia Schwarzenegger must stop circulating pictures and videos of her visit to the Nogokpo Shrine to allow the gods to judge her matter.

“My attention as the Priest of Nogokpo Shrine has been drawn to widely video and picture of Afia Schwarzeneger visits to Nogokpo Shrine recently and I have decided to warn Afia Schwarzeneger to stop circulating such pictures and videos in public domain in order to allow gods to judge her matter brought before gods.”

The priest, Torgbui Amuzu Agbodzalu William has described the “Nogokpo Shrine as popular and very serious Shrine” and “is being visited by many people worldwide but as the customs demand,it is not allowed to circulate any pictures of your visitation on social media or in any public domain to create fear and panic before gods judge the matter brought.”

“I am thereby warning Afia Schwarzeneger to stop that practice immediately,” he cautioned.

“To set records on Afia Schwarzeneger visits to Nogokpo Shrine, I can confirm that, she visited the shrine and brought a matter before the gods for judgement,” the priest revealed.

He added that Afia Schwarzenegger “was allowed to communicate to gods alone and submit her matter to gods without anyone hearing the matter with her except the gods which she did as the first Initial stage.”

“As the picture widely circulated, the Priest of Nogokpo Shrine has started receiving calls from some particular people with names withheld which authorities of the Nogokpo Shrine shall determine the case and settle the matter between those involved in order to avoid any further calamity or disaster,” it stated.

“I am therefore appealing to the general public especially the media to remain calm as Nogokpo Shrine is the very reliable place to determine the hidden truth so far as the African Traditional Religion is concern, the Priest urges the public.



SOURCE: MyAfro Ghana

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