Paramount Chief of Akpini Traditional Area Delivers Speech At Afenorto Festival [Read]

Paramount Chief of Akpini Traditional Area Delivers Speech At Afenorto Festival [Read]

The Paramount Chief of Akpini Traditional Area, Torgbui Okpekpewuokpe Dagadu IX addressed the people of Mepe at the just ended Mepe Afenorto festival.

Read full speech below;

Speech delivered by Okpekpewuokpe Dagadu IX, Paramount Chief of Akpini, on the occasion of the Celebration of the 66th Mepe Afenorto Festival by the people Mepe, under the theme “Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) our Future: Development in Peace our Cultural Heritage.”


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I first of all extend to you all warm felicitations from the Akpini state paramountcy. I am deeply honored to be here at this important celebration as special guest.

I am here to lend my support to the chiefs and people of Mepe to celebrate the 66″ Afenorto Festival, and also associate myself with efforts to galvanize support for the development of a TVET institution. For me, this initiative could not have come at better time considering the poor state of Ghana’s skills development setup and the high level of unemployment among the able-bodied youth.

My research reveals that, no country ever succeeded in the quest for industrial development without a comprehensive agenda to develop its skills base. The case of South Eastern Asia and other parts of Europe emphasizes the crucial role skills development plays in any industrial revolution. This belief is well amplified in the vision, development plans and rhetoric of successive governments in Ghana.

Ensuring the prioritization of TVET (skills training and skills development) in the formal and informal sectors of our economy is a sure way to ensure our youth grow up with employable and self-sustaining skills to create jobs. It is therefore apt for the people of Mepe to link this to their cultural heritage.

The role of TVET in sustainable development and judicious use of a nation’s resources can also not be overemphasized. TVET has a central role to play if we are to make good progress towards the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals. TVET has emerged as one of the most effective human resource development strategies that any country needs to embrace in order to train and modernize their technical workforce for rapid industrialization and national development. A skilled workforce is a basic requirement for driving the engine of industrial and economic growth.

In spite of its numerous advantages to the nation and her people, TVET implementation continues to be fraught with numerous challenges. There is the need for clarity on sponsorship of TVET programmes by the government to encourage more and more youth without the financial muscle to derive the much needed benefits of Technical and Vocational Education.

Over the years, the TVET sector has suffered an image crisis over a public perception of being the refuge of students who are academically poor. This is an important challenge we need to work on and overcome if we are to succeed with TVET in Ghana. Other chokeholds around the jugular of TVET in Ghana that should be tackled in order to derive the best from TVET include the challenge of inadequate or even obsolete machinery, an outdated curriculum, a lack of standardization, duplication of roles amongst agencies and poor investment in the sector.

Culture, they say is a peoples’ way of life. For the chiefs and people of Mepe, therefore, and in tandem with the theme for this celebration, I encourage you to, in your moves to start your TVET institution, ensure to tailor programmes to the peculiar needs of Mepe and its environs in order to make training relevant to the needs of the people.

TVET is not only about knowing how to do things but also understanding why things are done in a particular way. With this knowledge, let us build a TVET system that leaves no one behind but recognizes each person as a potential agent of unbridled creativity and development. it is my belief that the agenda being set by the chiefs and people of Mepe in pursuit a TVET institution, is a pragmatic way of contributing positively to the nation’s job creation agenda. For this, and all the benefits a TVET institution will bring, I wish to join all and sundry in commending the chiefs and people of Mepe. God bless us all and God bless Ghana!




SOURCE: MyAfro Ghana

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