Full Profile of Ghana’s Most Refined Female Journalist, Berla Mundi

Full Profile of Ghana’s Most Refined Female Journalist, Berla Mundi

Profile: Life Journey Of the popular TV personality, Berla Mundi As Woman of Substance, including education, career and relationship.



Several years ago, the male figure has been given the most attention, which in most cases undermined the existence of females. The functionality of the female gender in society faced unnecessary discriminations, where men were considered more important than women. Some men then termed it “women are supposed to be in the kitchen.” Others also said, school is not meant for the female gender, for they will get pregnant on the way.” Due to these, great grandfathers have invested greatly in only the male gender, leaving the female to rot in their fate.


However, the story of discrimination against women has been halted as 21st Century danced in with a graced segments of ideologists. The coming in of the 21st century has opened the eyes of humans to a world of civilization, education, and independence. Regardless of gender, everyone has the right to education and to work per their capacities and capabilities. Thus women can do anything that will define who they truly seek to be, which Berla Mundi is not an exception.

When there is consideration of women of substance and Berla Mundi is not mentioned, then the list is absolutely not complete. Thus in this blog, we are going to talk about Berla Mundi i.e. about her origin, educational journey and her presence in the media domain. We will also consider a brief of her intimate relationship.


Bio Of Berla Mundi

Popularly known as Berla Mundi, Berlinda Addardey was born on the 1st April, 1988. She was raised in the Greater Accra Region, in the Capital City of Ghana. She was born by Madam Ruby Mundi and a fine gentleman, whose name cannot be disclosed.

Berla Mundi and the parents are all nationals of Ghana and currently residing and working in Ghana.


Her Education

Berla Mundi had her education from St. Theresa School, then she moved to Achimota School, where she had her second cycle school certificate. In furthering her education, Berla gained admission into University of Ghana, Legon, where she studied linguistics and psychology, to acquire her first degree.

Berla then went to Alliance Francais to study French Language in relationship with linguistics. In other to make her dream reality, Berla Mundi went to Ghana Institute of Journalism, where she gained the foundation for the media work.


Her Career

There is a beginning of everything and in the case of beautiful Berla Mundi, it is grace upon grace for her opened doors. Entering into the media domain, Berla took a step to contest in the 2010 edition of Miss Malaika, where she was entitled the 2nd runner-up at the end. Right after the Miss Malaika competition, she got employed to work with GHOne TV, a subset of EIB Network as a lead presenter for 8years.

Berla Mundi has also worked on DSTV for two years, where she acted as a co-host for ‘Moment With Mo’. She engaged top notch personalities, politicians and government officials, Chief Executive Officers of top companies. Companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Chevron etc. in interviews.

Berla again worked on MTN Hitmaker, Malta Guinness Maltavator Challenge Africa, Miss Malaika Ghana. Columbia University African Economic Forum, USA, etc. She also worked with international companies such as IPMC, MTN, Fan Milk Ltd, Woodin, etc. And she currently works as the frontliner of Absa Bank Ghana and Lucozade.


Oops! Less we forget, Berla Mundi is currently working as a host of ‘The New Day’ of TV3, where she anchors. She is also the host of ‘The Talk Show’ on TV3, a subsidiary network of Media General.


Her Organizations

Berla Mundi Foundation (BMF)

There is more blessing in giving than receiving as the bible stipulates. Thus Berla’s philanthropic nature is turned into an organization. As an NGO, Berla Mundi Foundation, which was founded in 2015, is a charity organization established to ease life for underprivileged children. The foundation provides, through donation of educational materials, sporting and educational activities for school-going children.


B.You By Berla Mundi

This is a mentorship and career guidance program founded by Berla Mundi in 2017. This is a program for young girls, where internship opportunities as well as media training are given to the girls.


Berla Mundi Media

As a woman of power and ideas, Berla founded this media to create contents of pan-Africanism for youth globally. This media also aimed at offering public relations consultancy for individuals and corporate bodies. The media also aimed at bringing forth the true way of life of Africans.


Her Relationship Life

At the age of 33, people agitate, that it will be interesting and nice for a beautiful woman of substance like Berla Mundi to be openly involved in an intimate relationship. However, that is not a must and she decides how she will live her life. Thus Berla Mundi is not currently married and no one knows whether she is in a secret relationship or not.

When the best time is due for her, she will reveal herself being in the arms of a man. A man of her choice, who she can call her own.



It is good to have a dream. However, depending on your effort, your dreams and aspirations will come to a reality or die unseen. There are many people, whose goals have not seen daylight due to inconsistency in their efforts. Keep pushing harder; your time will surely come.


SOURCE: myafroghana.com berlamundi.com



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