Read Ghanaians’ Comments On Prez. Akufo-Addo’s First Time Post In Support Of The Controversial E-Levy

Nana Akufo-Addo


Read Ghanaian netizens reactions after President Akufo-Addo first post on E-Levy since the controversies trooped in.

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The President of the Republic of Ghana after a long time silence on the controversial electronic transaction tax (E-Levy), has made his first post and got netizens talking.

In a video post by the president, the purpose for the E-Levy is explained as it is meant to boost development of the country.

The president gave a hash tag to the post as #GhanaNeedsTheElevy and #ElevyForDevelopment.

However, the aim of the post on Facebook seems skewed as Ghanaian citizens rebound it with hash comments and good notes.

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Read copies of some comments under the post on Facebook below:

Patrick Michael wrote, “I just don’t know what to type. You er we only leave you to God such a wicked old man…in fact voting you is the biggest mistake ever in life”.

Toetalk Talk also commented saying “Keep playing cartoons with our lives, we thank you”.

Benjamin Gokah also added his words, “Lazy President, you told us we have a lot of resources and also we are sitting on money. But today, you need E-Levy, because of you I withdrew all my money in my MoMo wallet and that of my mum too”, part of the lengthy comment.

Canfeton Yempabb Dutt, Ahhhh!!! Mr. President, you are far far behind doing good for the people… this can only convince your environs and those who are currently enjoying the people’s money with you. Such few characters you come write on your wall to please you”.

Mohammed Issahaku asked, “What’s happening? It seems the president’s account has been hacked🤔🤔🤔 since the beginning of this. I just can’t understand what’s happening here”.

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Monigan Pascal, “I don’t want to disrespect you old man. Stop explaining because you are a true meaning of disappointment”.

Abdulai Nafiu, “There is a problem in the North East Regional Human Resource Department. They’re using different effective date for their newly posted NURSES, when all other regions are using 1st August. They are using September and October, we need your divine intervention in this issue”.

Muntaka Musah informed that “The video is not complete please”.

Ebo Tieku wrote, “Sir, in my opinion, we rather need to protect the public purse as you once promised. The poor Ghanaian cannot continue to be burdened by with taxes for some privileged few to continue to live large”.

Joseph Buckman applauded the president saying, “Thanks for the education Mr. President. The hypocrites are still failing to understand that we are not in normal times. Hence always bastardizing you yet the international reputation firms keep acknowledging and awarding you cos they know you are hardworking. Ghana compares unfavorably with a lot of African countries in terms of debt management and tax mobilization hence can’t meet the required tax/GDP ratio. Thus I believe E-levy will help correct this error…keep your good works up and we expect your very best in the remaining years..thank you”.








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