Read: Reactions Of On-Field Teachers & Netizens After Seeing A Leaked GES Uniform For Teachers

Read: Reactions Of On-Field Teachers & Netizens After Seeing A Leaked GES Uniform For Teachers

On April 9, 2022, has published a leaked Ghana Education Service (GES) Uniform.

The uniform, which has gained the attention of the public, especially teachers, is unscripted on the right, “Ghana Education Service” and on the left, Professional Teacher (s).

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After hours of the publication, the post has reached large number of Ghanaians, including a social media group of teachers, who reacted to the posts after reading.

Even though there were positive reactions, the negatives have dominated the comments put up by the teachers and other individuals.

Please read some selected reactions from Ghanaians after seeing the GES’ unannounced Uniform (Leaked).

Destiny Child: U will hear that they have deducted uniform fee 2000 from your salary.

Osei Jones: We need textbooks ooooooo tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lydia Accam: Is it free ? If not then it’s not necessary . Think about policies that will enhance the job and well being of teachers . ” This too someone want chop chop inside errrrrh ” ? Awww Ghana 🙄🙄

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Bortsi Maxwell: Is that what is needed for an improve academic performance ?
What changes have this incompetent people brought to the educational sector?

Derick Maklin: Ɔman bɛn koraa ni? What ever comes to the mind, they bring it out. Ɛyɛ but not necessary.

Agbonu Harry: Good news, it will surely come with uniform allowance abi?

Chaiirman Bis Digitalgh: Our professional allowance in someone’s pocket again ooo😀😀

Ameble Moses: We do not need any uniform from GES to teach what we need most are textbooks and lesson notebooks.
Even the laptop they deducted our money for, where are they?
What is quality of the laptop?

Obidoba Nhanha Yhaa: have in our country suffer wen it rains and wen deThis sun scorch. Wen a country is lead by vision less leaders. Mmtchew we don’t need any synthetic uniform biaaa de money should be use for providing infrastructure for schools instead.

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Akwesi Quartey: Where is it written that teachers shall wear a uniform? Go ahead and add the belts, shoes and the cap.
Why won’t GES council lobby for a good pay for teachers to aquire decent dresses than this communist dress code? You have schools without bungalows and teachers are being bullied by shylock landlords and you’re here beating about the bush?

Chelsy Bright: What the educational system and teachers need is more than uniform.

Shangs Nii Tetteh: They call for it so they should be well prepared to wear it even if they have to attend weddings.

Matthew Defor: This colour look like prison officers uniform , So the satan doesn’t know what do again?….(ah! who is the Satan here?)

Abubakar Illiasu: But if ladies will wear trousers deɛ then the school pupils will enjoy by watching something else than listening to their madam oooo😂😂😂😂

Clifford Osafo: Are teacher’s security personnel’s to wear uniform? Misplaced priority.

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Kwaku Kwakye Adiefe: Sometimes you’ll go to bank and other places with nurses, police officers etc but due to their uniform that identify them as government workers they are called and served earlier whiles a teacher still remain in the queue because they cannot identify them. I think the idea of providing teachers with uniform is good if only the color can be opinion.

Alhasan Ibn Ibrahim: This is very good because some of the teachers don’t dress as a teacher is sarpose to dress.

-Replies to Alhasan:

  • Alhassan Ibn Ibrahim leave as alone…come and dress talk too much…there are so many things the education system needs ….misappropriating of resources.
  • Alhassan Ibn Ibrahim come and see the way we dress to class in summer.
    Africans and their brain.




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