READ: What African Artistes & Fans Should Do To Promote Their Music To Every Corner of The Globe

READ: What African Artistes & Fans Should Do To Promote Their Music To Every Corner of The Globe

What African Artistes & Fans Should Do To Promote Their Music To Every Corner of The Globe. Reasons why Nigerian music gains more attention than other African countries like Ghana etc. and the best ways to project Ghana music.



Music is the art of arranging sounds in time through the elements of melody, harmony and rhythm. It is one of the universal cultural aspects of all human lives and societies. Generally, music cannot be defined without considering elements such rhythm, tempo, pitch etc.

To produce good music, it requires that all the above elements come together to make a good sound.

There have been several controversies about music lately in Africa, especially Ghanaian and Nigerian music. Many arguments have leveled up at a point where criticisms orbit around Nigeria musicians and their songs.

Nigeria is a very big country, some call it a continent on its own because it has about 36 states/regions. The country and its indigenes vest into creative arts and their major focus is in acting and singing.

Investigations around musicians and their music in Africa show some certain reasons why Nigerian music gain attention than Ghanaians. These reasons are listed and explained in this blog for Ghanaian and other countries’ artistes to work on themselves.



1. Language Factor

Language is one factor which one must consider the most in music production. Before one thinks about composing a song, the number thing to think about is language. Now, talking about language, the music composer must pick a dialect which can sell the music to far places. Picking a language depends on the most spoken language in the global market or that’s if the song is meant for global consumption.

Nigerian artistes even though they produce local music in some areas, they do more of global ones. Targeting a global sales, artistes from Nigeria use common language that the civilized world understand generally. Such language includes “Pidgin” and the world class English.

However in Ghana, most of the artistes especially the stars, sing in local languages. Such as Twi, Ga and Ewe more than global languages like English, Pidgin or even French. Meanwhile, Ghanaian languages are a bit hard to learn and/or pronounce by other countries.

Now, when musicians want their music to sell in the global market as well as Nigerians, they should consider a global language. Usage of a common global language can easily promote songs for Africans, especially Ghanaians just as Nigerian music.




2. Content Of Music

Many think having a title, instrumental and the best engineer for a song is all that matters. You can have the sweetest title, a rhythmic instrumental or classic engineer but your song cannot pull interest if the contents are childish.

One thing about Nigerian songs is that, some contain matured contents. The love songs Nigerians do are maturely mastered to win hearts of music lovers. This doesn’t mean Ghanaians do not like doing matured songs. Some Ghanaian artistes like Stonebwoy, Kidi, Mzvee, Becca, Cina Soul, etc. produce songs with quality content to pull attentions. Thus most of these people reign with their songs in most states of Nigeria.

If quality and mature contents are considered in composition of music, whatever information the sounds carry will land on good hearts. Africans, especially Ghanaian artistes should consider doing matured songs than making funny songs that will only get people talking negative.




3. Type/Genre Of Music

The type of music is one factor that promotes music to a higher level. Ghanaians do more of Afrobeats, Dancehall, Hiplife, Hiphop compared to Nigeria. Afrobeat is a blend of African and Western music. Findings have it that Ghanaians do more Afrobeats whiles Nigerians do just a little bit but invented their own type of music known as Naija Beat.

Many have come to love Naija beats of music than other African countries. Some say their reason is the fact that Nigerian beats are very powerful. Yes Naija beats are very powerful and they focus on the tunes of their songs. Thus the beat sounds just as the sound of the songs. Naija beats can also be played without the lyrics but can still make sense to the ear and the listener can observe the message of the song.

Gone are the days Ghanaian beats were very sensitive to lyrics of the songs. However, today those beats are not being created because the Afrobeat has dominate the industry.



4. Production/Team of Producers

Music production is the process of managing and overseeing the recording and production of a song. This is from writing the first lyrics and melody to mastering the finished track. In this situation, getting the right production should be utmost concern. Remember, that getting competent songwriter, and sound engineer etc can help promote songs well.

Findings have revealed that most of Ghanaian artistes have their own studios, where they record their songs. These artistes sometimes when they produce tracks, the songs do not last long in the system. The instrumental they match their lyrics with are sometimes not sensitive and do not sound well to the ears. Nigerians even though have their own studios, songs which they want to sell worldwide are carefully mastered by private sound engineers. These engineers are trained and equipped with skills to work for good music.

In view of this, producers like Kaywa, MOG, JMJ, etc. are very good producers to master songs.



5. Unity

The next thing to consider is Unity. Creative art work is not one man affair. That is why there seems to be unity among Nigerian artistes and their supporting producers. Even though there may be beef in some cases, peace and unity dominate among Nigerians than Ghanaians.

Ghanaians do not like supporting each other; they like backbiting and hatred. Some only destroy the image of others to promote themselves. Many Ghanaian artistes are not in good terms with one another. That is why only some section of artistes, who unite are making the waves.

Pride and ego destroy a lot. Ghanaian artistes can do away with anything that will hinder unity in their music industry. Mind you this unity can go a long way to put fan bases together to promote any new tracks from the camps.




6. Support From Fan Base

Before a music can go far, it largely depends on the fans, who listen to the tracks. Ghanaian fans do not like promoting songs because since there’s division among artistes, there’s among fans. Due to this, whenever there is a new track from some artistes, the fans of rivals do not like pushing. Meanwhile in Nigeria, openly, all artiste are for all fans, thus fans promote every new single song by any artiste.

Fans in Ghana should stop being discriminative and support the promotion of every artiste in Ghana. Fans should rebuke any artiste who tries to defame the other to gain attention. There should also be unity among the fan bases, especially SM, Sarknation and Bhim Nation fans.



7. Financing For Promotion

Findings have it that, Nigerians spend more money on the promotion of their songs than Ghanaians. All the way from Nigerian, artiste give out cash to DJs and presenters in Ghana to promote their songs. According to one of the DJs in Ghana, Ghanaian artistes do not like giving out the paper to them to be putting their songs on rotation.

If Ghanaian artiste can add cash to the sounds they produce, DJs in target countries can be putting the songs on repeat. Apart from this, there may not be future for Ghana music because Nigeria is emerging each day as the hub for good music.




Producing a good music involves a lot. Even after production, promoting it is another issue. So therefore effort must be put in place to financially, promote the music. Remember one cannot eat alone. While you expect your contents to sell out there for you, remember to work han-in-hand with DJs so you can penetrate through.

This information is based on what has been identified as the hindrance to music promotion. Some points may be challenged but it is only if there is another research just as it is done here.




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