Steps To Get Replacement For Lost/Damaged Ghana Card

Steps To Get Replacement For Lost/Damaged Ghana Card

Simple guidelines to follow to get your lost or damaged Ghana Card replaced for you at ease.

The popular Ghana Card, known internationally as ECOWAS Identity Card is a smart card that can be used possibly by the populations of Member States of ECOWAS, to move around its regions.

According to the National Identification Authority (NIA), the Ghana Card can be used as an identity for individual card bearers, who travel around the world.

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The NIA, which manages the identity of the Ghanaian populace in their Database Management System, has all the information on registered citizens. Therefore, if there is a lost or damage issues about Ghana cards, it is easy to get a replacement if the victim applies.


Follow These Simple Steps To Get Replacement For Lost/Damaged Ghana Card.

1. Report a missing card issue to any police station near you. Receive an extract (a proof note) from the police station to evince your identity and ownership of card.

2. Go to the nearest District office ( may not be working on missing/lost cards now) or Regional office to request for a card replacement. Follow the date on the police report.

3. Before you go to the office of the NIA (District or Regional/Head office), contact customer care for a convenient date you can visit. Thus, NIA works with scheduled appointment.

4. Note that, card replacement comes with charges, of GH₵30.00 or more. So do prepare before reporting at the office on the scheduled date.

5. For issues on damaged cards, do not bother going to the police station. Follow the steps below.

6. Visit the nearest District, Regional, or Head office with the damaged Ghana Card.

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7. Do not forget to contact the office for an appointment before going, because NIA works based on schedules.

8. Remember also, to go to the office with GH₵30.00 or more for the card reprint.

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