Teachers Prefer Interest-Free Loans Not Mortgage Houses – NAGRAT Veep To Government

Teachers Prefer Interest-Free Loans Not Mortgage Houses – NAGRAT Veep To Government

The Vice President of National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has said teachers prefer interest-free loans instead of mortgage by government.


Speaking on Class FM, the Vice President of the Association, Mr. Jacob Anaba told Valentina Ofori-Afriyie that Ghanaian teachers prefer to be given interest free loans to build houses instead of government building a mortgage houses for them.



Speaking at the just ended 6th Quadrennial National Delegates Conference and 90th Anniversary Celebration of the Ghana National Association of Teachers, held in Kumasi, the President of the Republic, Nana Akufo-Addo gave a speech. In the speech of the President, he said his government is committed to building houses for teachers.



He noted that the current initiative for teachers will involve provision of housing for both mortgage and rentals.

“The current initiative will involve the provision of housing for both mortgage and rental”.

“I’m fully aware the one challenge facing teacher ownership of homes, beyond finance, is their inability to purchase homes where they intend to retire”, he revealed.

“My government is committed to the development of affordable housing for teachers all across the nation”.

“Through a subsidized loan programme teachers will be provided an opportunity to own homes, houses in desire locations in various parts of the country”, he alleged.



The president added that the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of  Works and Housing are working and in discussion with  National Service Scheme and Teacher Unions respectively.

“The Ministry of Education is working with the National Service Scheme on this”.

“The Ministry of Work and Housing is in discussion with teacher Unions, including your own (GNAT), to provide more housing opportunities for teachers”.



In view of this the Vice President for NAGRAT said teachers do not need mortgage houses, rather they need loan to build houses for themselves. That the loan aspect which was mentioned by the President is convenient for them and that is what they want.

“So, the third aspect which he mentioned, which will be a loan system for teachers, very affordable loan system is what we prefer”.

“Because the system is such that teachers are able to acquire their own plots of land, they may even have something already ongoing but because their salary is so low, they are not able to complete it before the retirement and taking into consideration how we are widely scattered”.

“That is in every part of Ghana, you can find a teacher but if it comes to the mortgage, they cannot spread the development of the housing system across the country that much for teachers to be able to access”, NAGRAT Vice President explained.

“If the interest-free loan is given to teachers, they will be able to build their own houses at places that they have stayed or they wish to have their home on retirement”, he added.



The NAGRAT Vice President buttressed that they are in support of the loan aspect that will help teachers build at comfort zones.

“So we are in support of the third leg, which will be a loan scheme that will be given to teachers to be able to build their own homes in their own comfort zones”.


SOURCE: myafroghana.com






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