The Increment In Examination Fees To Be Reconsidered – TTAG

The Increment In Examination Fees To Be Reconsidered – TTAG

The Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) notifies that stakeholders will reconsider the increment in examination fees for student teachers.


A letter released by TTAG National Secretariat states that, the leadership of the association has engaged GTEC director on trainees allowance. This information vindicates our prior publication, which contains that teacher trainees will receive their allowance in this December as authentic.


The letter further states, that the leadership has petitioned GTEC Director, Prof. Salifu Mohammed to engage other stake holders to reconsider the increment of examination fees. The Secretariat states, that there is a drastic increments in trainees exams fee, which UCC’s Institute of Education is responsible for.


The letter reads below:



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