Things To Do To Sustain Lasting Relationships

Things To Do To Sustain Lasting Relationships


Love is something sweet. It is always good to love and to make your relationship last forever . As a matter fact, before you can have lasting relationships, there should be love, trust and respect.

Sometimes we ask ourselves why relationships of today do not last forever or longer compared to that of our grandparents. One thing we realize is that, grandparents enjoy lasting relationships because of their inputs and efforts. There are certain factors they consider in their togetherness and these factors are the driving force of a long lasting Godly and romantic relationship. Your relationship can last forever if you can keep these strategies.

In the next few minutes you are going to read and learn about how you can sustain the span of your relationship. That is how your relationship can last forever if things are giving you dangerous alarms. These principles of everlasting relationship can help you and your partner build an inspiring future together. These factors are going to help you build yourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, romantically, Godly, etc. Just follow us, whiles we uncover every secrets for you. To start with, the following are ways to lasting relationships;


Put God First

Relationship without God is something worthless. You can actually have a very lasting and promising relationship. However, if God is not part of your relationship, it cannot achieve its goals. In Proverbs 3:6, it says that “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” By this, any relationship that do not have the directions of God may not last longer. This is because God knows best and what can make partners hinge forever is known by him. In this case, acknowledge the presence of God in your relationship.


Couple praying together
A husband and wife reflecting on God’s word.



Respect And Obey Him/Her

We sometimes think that only one side of the opposite sexes should render respect to the other. But here, everyone in a relationship must enjoy some sort of respect from the other partner for lasting relationships to prevail.

The reality is that, the female gender must be submissive to the male partner. The male must also show the other partner love. In this case, a woman loves the man indirectly. That is through submissiveness whereas the man shows a direct love towards the woman. Once there is this effect in the relationship, both sides will gain respect from each other.

Also obey your partner. Sometimes what people see cannot be seen by you. Paying attention to your partner will make room happiness, because they feel they are valued in the relationship.


Be Kind To Your Partner And People Around

Having a benevolent, courteous, friendly, generous, gentle, liberal, sympathetic, or warm-hearted nature towards your partner can prolong your relationship. You cannot be stingy, miser, greedy and expect your relationship to last longer. So therefore, if you expect an everlasting union, do away with any behaviours that do not exhibit even iota of kindness in them. You should likewise show all these manners to even people around you so you two can enjoy and make your relationships a lasting one.



Make Time For Fun

Relationship full of jokes and games is fun. In as much as you all expect certain characteristics of each other, make time for fun. Games like cards, oware, lodu etc can be played just to make fun of each other, “because all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”.

You can also most at times in your bedroom or couch play pillow games. Throwing pillow at each can be fun of and it makes the relationship interesting, lively and lovely. You also need to create time for leisure, where you two experience moments of relaxations at beach or anywhere of your choice. Reading aloud during leisure, where you two read to each other is healthy for a relationship.


Couple Having Pillow Fight For Fun
Couple Having Pillow Fight For Fun



Allow Your Partner Freedom

You cannot be principle and strict on your partner. You are not his/her father or mother. Remember in a relationship of two different sexes, you are all equal. Give your partner the freedom to catch up with his/her own personal tasks and activities. Doing this, partners can control their personal behaviours towards their relationship, which can help sustain the relationship goals.



Be Faithful and Trustworthy

Get rid of acts of infidelity, and trust your partner that he/she is faithful. Intimate relationship full of trust and faithfulness, is one of the best things. Whatever other men/women have, your partner is definitely blessed with them.

In many relationships, there is always misunderstanding because the partners complain about the body shape, facial beauty and so on. The reality is that, this elements do not count in the sustainability of a relationship. This is because no matter how beautiful or handsome your partner is, there would be time where such effect will fade off or glow more. So therefore drive the course of your relationship with faithfulness and trust other than looking for common body shape and physical beauty.



Be Supportive To Your Partner

One main essence of relationship is companionship. So therefore, an intimate relationship without partners supporting one another is not driving towards any better goal. Support your partner physically, spiritually, financially etc, so you two can be able to build a strong and determined future.


Couple enjoying love
Old but Strong Couple Cheering

Accept Mistakes And Let Go Off Ego And Pride

Most at times relationship encounters misunderstanding because of pride and egoism. Being egoistic in a relationship can ruin the intimacy. The best way to overcome misapprehensions is to let go off pride and ego. Accept when you are at fault. Let your partner feel the value of the relationship more than yourself.



Love People And Things Around Your Partner

Another factor to long lasting relationship is love for people around you. Many partners do not like when their other half hates people around them. As a matter of reality, you cannot hate people who are close to you for nothing. Even if for some reasons, hating them cannot be the solution. Yes hating neighbors, friends, families around your partner cannot make you two love each each other effectively to promote your intimacy.



Give Your Partner Gifts

The most interesting thing that keeps relationship moving is getting gifts for your partner. This makes interesting especially, when one sees the other partner using what they get for them as gifts. Gift such as Boxer Shorts, T-Shirts, Wristwatches, etc. (for men), Handbags, etc. (for women) and other general items as gifts. Doing this thing can appeal for more love and this will foster long lasting relationship.

We hope you have been able to add up to what you already know? Well, make good use of these relationship principles and you will never encounter anything in the form of breakups.



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