Top Five Meals To Taste When You Visit Ghana

Top Five Meals To Taste When You Visit Ghana

Food is a basic necessity of life and no one can live without it. Everybody everywhere loves food and it is important to eat not only for enjoyment. But for good health and growth as well, here are the top five meals to taste when you visit Ghana away from your place of comfort.

The kinds of food we eat are not the same in the whole world. From one part of the world to another, locally prepared food varies. Those that may be the same may bear different names or may have different processes in preparation. For us to benefit from these varieties of delicacy in other parts of the world, it is very important to travel to those places to have a taste of them.

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One place in the world to get the best delicacies is the nation Ghana.
Ghana is a multicultural country in the western part of Africa. In Ghana, the best meals and dishes that one can ever taste are prepared.

Top Five Meals To Taste When You Visit Ghana

Below are the top five delicacies you should make sure you have a taste of whenever you visit Ghana.

1. Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is one of the most popular and tantalizing delicacies prepared in Africa. Countries like Ghana, Nigeria, the Gambia among others prepare Jollof rice in their own different ways. But the fact undeniably remains that, the Ghanaian Jollof rice is the Supreme of all Jollof prepared in the world.

Even ambassadors, high commissioners, and other prominent people from other parts of the world can attest to that.

This is done by first preparing a tomato sauce as it is done for stew with everything that goes into stew preparation. When it seems to be cooked, water is added, salt as well and then the rice goes in. After being well stirred, it is left to boil.

It is checked regularly and stirred well so that everything mixes well till it is cooked. After all, is done, grab a glass of fruit juice and enjoy yourself with a plate of Jollof rice.

Jollof Rice
Jollof Rice

2. Banku/Akple

Our number two best food is Banku. It is one of the best dishes prepared in Ghana.
It varies among some tribes in the country and so is the preparation. It is the mixture of either cassava and corn doughs, cassava dough and cornflour or cornflour only popularly called Akple.

As the mixture varies, so is the process. The two doughs are mashed together in a pot with water and then salt is added. It is afterward put on fire and stirred till it begins to thicken. And then stirred harder till it cooks.

With the other varieties, a bit of cornflour is mixed in water and allowed to boil on fire. After which, more cornflour is added and stirred hard till it is cooked.
Or when it is almost cooked, cassava dough is added to it and stirred hard till it is cooked. This is for the cornflour only and cornflour and cassava dough mixture respectively. It is served with a variety of Ghanaian soups like groundnut, Palm-nut, Okra, and light soups or ground tomatoes with pepper and onion and salt.

Note: The name Banku and Aklpe are referring to the same cooked mixture of cassava dough & corn dough and cornflour & cassava dough. The only difference is that Akans call it BANKU and Ewes call it AKPLE.


3. Fufu

This is one of the best meals in Ghana., popularly among the Ashantis. It also comes in varieties, such as cassava, yam, cocoyam fufu among others. But the most common among them is the cassava type.

It is commonly mixed with unripe plantain which is boiled together. When they become soft, they are pounded in a wooden mortar with a wooden pestle till mixed and soft.

When done, enjoy yourself with smooth fufu with Ghanaian soups like groundnut, palm nut, and light soups among others.


4. Kenkey

The main dish of the GA tribe in Ghana is Kenkey. As one of the best dishes, several tribes in Ghana love it. This is also a delicacy recommended to visitors who come to Ghana to eat whenever they are hungry.

With the use of ingredients which are corn dough and not much cassava dough, the beginning process is done like that of Banku but is not allowed to be well cooked.

It is then fetched into corn husks and covered to form a ball. The balls are then put into a pot of water and allowed to boil till it is well cooked. Enjoy your Kenkey with hot pepper and fried fish or Sardine. Very delicious!

Five Meals To Taste When You Visit Ghana

5. Omutuo (Rice Ball)

Last but not least of the top five meals prepared in Ghana is Omutuo.
It is popularly known as rice balls because it is prepared with rice. The ingredients used are rice (more preferably broken rice), water, and salt.

Just like cooking plain rice, the rice is boiled in water and salt till becomes soft. Then the process changes to that of Banku – it is stirred hard till is cooked. Serve with a delicious bowl of groundnut soup feel yourself in the heavens.

Before you scroll off, know something. Food is good, but finding the most delicious ones is the best. A crowd of people from other parts of the world has come to Ghana to enjoy these and many other tantalizing Ghanaian meals. What are you waiting for?

Grab your passport, book a flight, come for a vacation in Ghana and give yourself a good treat with the best meals prepared.

Anytime you are in the country for business, work, or school, call us to lead you through. Or make it a point to visit any restaurant that prepares the local food of Ghanaians and enjoy yourself.

Five Meals To Taste When You Visit Ghana
Rice Ball

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