Volta Regional Minister Addresses Mepe Afenorto Festival

Volta Regional Minister Addresses Mepe Afenorto Festival

The honorable Volta Regional Minister, Archibald Yao Letsa gave address at the just ended Mepe Afenorto Festival. Read the full address below;


Mr, Chairman, Hon. Member(s) of Parliament, Hon. District Chief Executive(s),

The Clergy, Torgbewo, Mamawo,

Distinguished Sons and Daughters of Mepe,

Friends in the Media,

Distinguished invited Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am indeed honoured and privileged to be invited to participate and address the Chiefs and people of the Mepe Traditional Area today at the Grand Durbar of the 66″ Afenorto Festival. I am grateful for the invitation extended to me and wish to acknowledge that the celebration of the 66th Afenorto Festival signifies the importance you have been attaching to this festival over the years as well as your desire to use this platform to promote the socio-economic development of this area. This is an admirable feat and I congratulate you for your fortitude. Ayekoo

Mr. Chairman:

It is irrefutable to state that the celebration of festivals has gone beyond feasting and performance of traditional rituals to assume greater socio-economic and cultural dimensions. It is truism that festivals have taken a centre-stage in the Ghanaian socio-economic and cultural life, creating the awareness for the mobilization of human, materials and financial resources to support socio-economic development in various communities. I am well-informed that this event seeks to establish a technical and vocational institute, and a community centre for the people of Mepe. May I therefore use this opportunity to applaud Organizers and the Planning Committee for this laudable initiative.

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Ladies And Gentlemen;

I wish to associate myself with your theme for the celebration captured in ‘Technical, Vocational, Education and Training (TVET) our Future: Development in Peace, our Cultural Heritage’ which vividly captures the importance you place on TVET and is in line with the vision of H. E. the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to ensure TVET is given the needed attention in order that it plays a critical role in the economic transformation of the country. Education is not only a cog in the wheel of personal growth but also a major tool for national progress. More importantly, technical and vocational education is pivotal for training that helps to equip people to put to good use their God-given talents. The development of nations requires trained labour and technical and vocational education equips them with the necessary skills. Quality TVET education produces productive and skillful workforce that will significantly contribute to the nation’s progress and presents opportunity to be self-employed.

In this regard, H. E. the Vice President of the Republic, Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia on behalf of H. E. the President, launched the Ghana Technical and Vocational Education and Training Service on 14″ December, 2021 to ensure “TVET sector becomes central force of the country’s national development agenda”

You are therefore on the right path to use this festival to initiate the establishment of a Technical and Vocational Institute. I therefore wish to assure you of the support of the Volta Regional Co-ordinating Council and Government realization of your dream within appreciable time.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Permit me to touch on a cardinal importance of the celebration of festivals which is the promotion of unity. Indeed, the challenges facing us as a nation in today’s world demand that we do not spend time on issues that do not bring unity, development and progress. It is therefore important for all our people to unite and formulate developmental plans that would bring progress to our individual lives and communities as a whole. As a people, there is the need for us to keep the torch and spirit of community self-help projects.

We need to avoid disunity which comes in the forms of Chieftaincy and land disputes and the emergence of unnecessary political rivalry. We cannot alleviate poverty and ignorance if we continue to pursue our individual and parochial interests above what is good for our entire community, and Nation at large.

As a nation, we need to embrace ourselves and understand that we are one people no matter our differences. We need harmonious relationships in our communities to attract investors to do business with us. Acrimonious behaviour would not foster unity and peace which are vital factors that attract investments into our communities. I am referring to genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life worth living, the kind that enables nations grow, and the kind that gives hope to people to build a better life for their children.

It should not be lost on us that malice and unnecessary antagonism has never brought the required progress that we all yearn for as one people over the years. We as a people have to develop and build on strategies and systems that unite us and as much as possible avoid issues and people that tend to separate us or promote dispute in society.

Torgbewo, Mamawo, My Brothers and Sisters:

One other important developmental issue that is gaining much concern all over the country presently is the poor handling of our public health issues, especially our environmental health and sanitation issues as a people. In time past, most of our villages and towns were kept neat and clean with little or no prompting from District Assembly officials or traditional authorities. It is however becoming a common practice for people to unashamedly litter, urinate and defecate anywhere thinking they are expressing their democratic or divine rights. It is important to state that as we develop, we also need to cultivate valuable and enlightened attitude whereby we all promote good health, long life and better standards of living. It is therefore my plea that we all observe basic environmental heath and sanitation practices and constant washing of our hands In order to stay healthy.

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen:

At this point, I wish to seize the opportunity to let the youth of Mepe Traditional Area understand that the future of the area depends on them. We appreciate the challenges that you face today as a result of globalization. However, let discipline, hard work and commitment be the hallmark of your livelihood. Remain motivated and spur yourselves into fame by taking advantage of the numerous opportunities available. Set achievable targets for yourselves and remain committed to them. While | wish all of you a happy celebration, I entreat our Noble Chiefs and Opinion Leaders to continue to show exemplary leadership and unite us a8 a country.

I am grateful for your kind attention and may God continually bless you all.

Aza loo!



SOURCE: MyAfro Ghana



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