WATCH: Video Of Delay And Amerado Chopping…

WATCH: Video Of Delay And Amerado Chopping…

A video of Delay, a TV presenter and Amerado, Ghanaian rapper is in circulation on social media, where the two are seen chopping hugs.


If you can call, for the past few days, netizens have been reacting to atmosphere surrounding Delay and Amerado. Previously, a video popped up on the internet. In the video, the two are enjoying hugs in a moment everybody think they are lovers.


The current video indicates that Delay and Amerado actually are doing something to get the public attention to pin out exactly what is happening between them. The fact is, no one is can really tell the whether they planning on something.


Delay is one of the most hardworking young women in Ghana, who is striving to meet her own demands. Rumors have it that, the TV/Radio personality is currently single. So it is obviously not surprising if she is locking fingers with Amerado Burner, the Abotr3 hitmaker.


Amerado likewise, is a very talented rapper, who hails from Kumerica. So if the duo can share love in a hot relationship regardless of age, it will be a nice thing.


Watch the video below:



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