Withdraw The Trimester To Semester Policy Immediately – Teacher Unions Command GES

Withdraw The Trimester To Semester Policy Immediately – Teacher Unions Command GES

The Unions in Education, GNAT, NAGRAT, TEWU, and CCT-GH charged Ghana Education Service (GES) to withdraw trimester to semester policy.


The Unions in Education have asked the GES to withdraw the policy of converting basic school from running trimester to semester.


According to the Unions, such a policy of changing from running trimester to semester is a delicate and major policy, which needed consultations.

“Such a major policy change should have attracted a wide consultation and therefore find both the pronouncement and the document offensive and takes exception to them”.


The Unions revealed, that they have not been consulted on the policy decision.

“We state emphatically, that at no point in time were the Unions in Education consulted on such a major policy decision”.


The Unions in Education have stated issues emanating from what they call unilateral decision made by GES, which are as follows:


The hours workers in Education require to work per day and per week have been a bother to Unions especially when instructional and working hours have been increased unilaterally without discussion and negotiations especially with the Unions in Education.


Per our Collective Agreement with regards to our working Conditions, major policies such as this should come for discussion and negotiations.


As Education and speaking from a professional point of view, thorough discussion will bring to the fore the effects of a long school calendar on both teaching and learning and also on the health of both workers and learners.


The Unions in Education sees the decision taken to unilaterally change the school calendar into a semester one as arbitrary and an imposition by the GES on major stakeholders of which the Unions in Education are part.


The teacher Unions then ask the Ghana Education Service to immediately withdraw the policy, pending full consultations.

“We therefore call on the GES to immediately withdraw the policy, pending full consultations with the Unions in Education and other major stakeholders and do serve notice, that the failure to do so would be resisted fiercely”.


The chief scribes of GNAT, TEWU, and the Presidents of NAGRAT and CCT-GH are the signatories to the statement issued by the Unions in Education.





SOURCE: myafroghana.com



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